Low End Lou Wobbler

Even in the early days when little Lou was still in his nest, he couldn't keep his wings still: He just played music with every item he saw - collected twigs were converted to drumsticks and stolen dog whistles to very loud trumpets. And when he heard the sound of the Stray Cats for the first time, there was no stopping him from that time on. Lee Rocker's fire inspired him for the devil's music and then it was chiselled: Rock'n'Roll and his beloved rhythm instrument were his true destiny. Ever since, hardly didn't he let anyone come between his bass - which he cutted himself from spruce,maple and ebony - and himself. His great artistry - the deep sounds - is legendary and turns the sound of the bar into a real purgatory. Hell yeah!

This wobbler has a height of approx. 21 cm. It's made of resistant poly-resin. Each sculpture is hand painted and convinces with a fascinating richness of detail. The oversized raven head wobbles if the ground moves and also by just nudging Lou. Wobbler Lou guarantees a good atmosphere with his cool moves - now you only need the right Rock'n'Roll music and the moment is perfect.

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Price: $30.00

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